The first holiday resort built on an NFT collection based on the Elrond blockchain!
Bran, Transylvania
Built with passion on
An Oasis in Transylvania powered by blockchain where we aim to create an atmosphere of quiet sophistication and unsurpassed luxury.
In the heart of Transylvania lies a carbon-negative, sustainable, high-end resort built to nurture and energise you. The Shire is a place you can go to be free, and you can be an integral part of its success. The Shire is built on an NFT collection based on the Elrond blockchain. You gain access and unlock priority when you buy into the NFT collection. It’s an exclusive way to take a break. You will always be welcome because your investment is part of the resort. You are part of the creation. This is only possible thanks to the openness of blockchain.
NFT holders have access to The Shire, with discounted, at-cost and free stays, as well as exclusive experiences within an idyllic sanctuary.
Located in Bran, Transylvania, The Shire is at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, nestled into the forest just a few minutes away from Bran Castle.
The Shire boasts five-star cabins with stunning views. Available to rent as full units or on a room basis.
There will be an onsite tavern, cinema, gym, fitness zones and cafes, putting all your entertainment needs in one place.
Powered by 10k unique NFTs minted on the Elrond Network
With a 10,000 mint, the NFTs that form the foundational layer of The Shire are ultra-exclusive. The small mint ensures exclusivity. NFTs fund The Shire, and each NFT gives you access to the resort and permanent benefits such as discounts, at-cost or free stays, and exclusive experiences. The earlier you join, the greater the rewards. Thanks to blockchain, we are pioneering a new kind of resort, a resort where everyone in the world can take part in the building, funding, and governing of it.
We will mint 10k NFTs on the Elrond Network, available to purchase for exclusive access to the Shire. Sales take place in three rounds.
All royalties (set at 10%) proceeds from NFT trading will be accumulated and distributed back to The Shire NFT holders through a staking mechanism.
100 %
100% of The Shire profits will be distributed annually among NFT holders via staking, making NFT holders an integral part of the resort's success.
Get in Early
As an early adopter, you will guarantee exclusive access to The Shire and unlock rewards like royalty fees re-distributed back to the NFT holders through a staking mechanism. at-cost or free stays and re-distributed profits through staking. Only three rounds of NFT sales will occur. Here we dream big and aim to go where nobody else has gone, and do things nobody else has done.
One Round. Early Perks.
The Shire Resort is funded through one NFT sale round and the earlier you buy the greater the rewards. By investing early, you lock in exclusive perks and benefits. In total, 10,000 NFTs will be minted.
Additionally, the first 100 people that will be minting at least 10 NFTs will be awarded one golden NFT that will give them access to all benefits but most importantly, it will give them a seat on The Shire Council. The table below reveals all.
NFTs to be minted
NFTs Price
Sale Date
Royalties Distribution
Resort Profits Distribution
50% Stays Discount
7 at-cost nights / year
Unlimited At-Cost Stays
1 night free / year
The Shire Council Seat
5 nights free / year
1.5 EGLD
Public via Marketplace
The Shire Council
End of Mint
The first 100 individual wallets to mint min. 10 NFTs.
NFTs Series
1 to 500
501 to 2500
2501 to 9900
Benefits & Perks
NFTs Series 1 to 500 501 to 2500 2501 to 9900 The Shire Council
NFTs to be minted 500 2000 7400 100
NFTs Price 1.5 EGLD Airdrop
Sale Date TBC End of Mint
Eligibility Public via Marketplace The first 100 individual wallets to mint min. 10 NFTs.
Benefits & Perks
Royalties Distribution
Resort Profits Distribution
50% Stays Discount
7 at-cost nights / year
Unlimited At-Cost Stays
1 night free / year
The Shire Council Seat
5 nights free / year
The people behind the project
We have gathered a team of professionals to build a unique resort in Transylvania, powered by an exclusive NFT collection on the Elrond blockchain. Each one of us come with a unique set of skills and life experiences, which combined will give us the best chance to plan and deliver great value to our NFT holders through one of the most ambitious projects in hospitality and leisure. Moreover, we chose to take advantage of the blockchain technology and empower people to take part in an unprecedented way to build, perhaps, the most exclusive resort.
Alex Cumpanici
CEO & Founder
Andrei Zaharia
Chairman & Founder
Anamaria Zaharia
Digital Advisor
Mihai Aurel
Business Development
Marcin Wiśniewski
3D Artist
Chris Rosu
Crypto Advisor
Advisory Board
Such an incredible project like TheShireNFT has a very complex roadmap. As a results we decided to split this into three main chapters: Genesis, Foundation, and Live.
Splitting the roadmap into three chapters simplifies the blueprint, providing a roadmap anyone can use to understand how the resort will be built. The journey starts with Chapter 1: Genesis
Genesis creates The Shire Resort on a conceptual level, including the idea and digital assets that empower the project. It starts with the idea - our project vision - stretching through to website launch, architectural concepts, NFT art and minting process.
Genesis ends with the sale of the 10,000th token and the preparation of chapter two.
Establish the idea and concept of TheShireNFT
Build the core team to power the project
Launch the website
Unveil to the world the first resort powered by an NFT collection
Communicate TheShire complete roadmap and structure
Architectural concept of the resort
Publish NFT sale tImelines and ownership perks
Communicate core team
Unveil NFT Art Concept
TheShireNFT whitepaper
Start the public sale (minting process)
TheShireNFT Council governing principles and responsibilities
Publish the complete board of advisors
Contribute to the Elrond platform development by publishing our own data analytics tool for NFTs for anyone to use.
Prepare the roadmap for chapter 2 and seek the feedback from TheShireNFT Council.
Publish chapter 2 roadmap
Foundation builds the physical resort, taking all our plans from Genesis and turning them into a beautiful reality.
The first stage is incorporating the company, acquiring land, and appointing construction firms to build the resort. Architectural plans will already be drawn up, reducing build times and complexity in the physical build stage. This chapter is arguably the most challenging, but we have a skilled, experienced board to oversee it and ensure everything is set up.
Incorporate company and finalise the legal framework to allow the resort to operate
To be unveiled at the end of chapter 1
Live is our blueprint and ambition for the resort during the first three years of operation, including our footfall, revenue, and marketing objectives.
The first three years of the resort are critical to driving patron loyalty and excitement over what we have created. We want the world to be amazed at The Shire Resort and marvel at how we did it all with the power of NFTs on the Elrond Network.
To be unveiled at the end of chapter 2
Simple answers to your biggest questions

Architects and engineers have been enlisted to plan the build. Meanwhile, our core team is building the mechanism for the NFT on the Elrond Network, with these pieces in place, we expect the project to take shape in 2022, with the building commencing in 2023.

The Shire was one of the realms of middle-earth in the great movie, but the two are completely unrelated. It is simply a shared name, and The Shire Resort is unaffiliated and in no way associated with the great movie. We have a special vision for The Shire, which will pay homage to the beautiful Carpathian mountains

The Elrond Network is one of the most powerful, established and stable blockchains, primarily used to run smart contracts. The advantages of Elrond for The Shire include safe staking (with Safe Proof of Stake or SPoS (Secure PoS)) and complete control. It is also fast and cheap with low transaction costs.

Not every NFT is the same! Early NFTs unlock more perks and benefits. So you can think of the three-phase release as a tiered system. Early adopters pay more but get more perks and rewards, while late adopters pay less for fewer rewards. Ultimately, we will create a balance to create an ideal NFT for everyone.

The floor price is set at 1.5 EGLD and the complete collection will be minted in just one sale round.

NFT allocation is completely random, so you cannot pre-select NFTs. Your NFTs can be sold on designated marketplaces, and you can buy more then.

The Shire NFT collection will be sold on an NFT marketplace which we haven't decided on yet; however, you can still create an Elrond wallet through Maiar or the Web Wallet so that you are ready to buy when the collection goes live.

No! The founding team and initial investors will not receive any The Shire NFTs, ensuring a fair, open marketplace for everyone. Founders and investors receive no special privileges, making this an equal opportunity for all.

We want the opportunity to clarify our project, so please direct message us on Twitter or email us at contact@theshirenft.com . We aim to respond within 24-hours and are happy to accept general and technical questions.